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What To Expect From GROUPON Customers

Throughout numerous studies on Groupon customers, here are the FACTS about GROUPON you probably didn’t know

1/3 are Travelers

It’s true, over 1/3rd of Groupon customers are travelers. This means they can’t be return customers… and if they do come back on their next trip, they will be looking for another crazy discount. They’ll simply go where its cheap so they can get the most bang for their buck on their trip. 

Bargain Shoppers

Groupon focuses its advertising toward two main types of customers. 1. Travelers & 2. Bargain Shoppers. This type of customer has little to no brand loyalty when it comes to actually making a purchase, and will only be back when you are slashing prices like Edward Sicsor Hands.

Low Conversion Rate

Generally, a local business only needs to convert about 10% of Groupon buyers into regular clients for it to make financial sense but based on the internal research “Business Insider” released, they consistantly saw only 1% conversion rates. This means the business is losing a ton of money by using Groupon.

What To Expect From OUR Customers

We target customers who are already looking for your service and ready to buy, then we facilitate re-marketing

Positive ROI

Our methods have proven over and over again that they are effective with increasing Return On the company’s advertising investment multiple times over… Without having to cut the price of your services in half. Think about it, do you really want bargain shoppers and travelers as your number one targeted customer?

Ready To Buy

Customers buy because of a pain point… they have a problem and YOU have the solution. We know where these customers are, and how to keep finding them consistently. We specialize in connecting this type of customer (with a problem) with our clients (businesses with a solution).  

Increased Probability of Repeat Customer

We target locally so that your chances are much higher of getting that customer to return. We bring you higher quality results using our local methods, resulting in a lot more profit for you and your business without having to stress about how much in the Red you are with expenses.

What Others Have To Say About Our Services

These customers used us to get out of the Groupon hole and into more profits.

We lost over two thousand dollars with Groupon. Thankfully, we were able to make that back within a fraction of the time we thought it would take to simply get started. I can’t say enough praise about enFuego Media. Thanks for all you do!

Ariel Strain

Local Business Owner, Vasigrad

Jeremiah was very professional and extremly helpful in creating a plan to get more CoolSculpting patients in without having to use services that cut your profits to less than half. We are now consistently booking 3-5 new patients a week and its only the 2nd month since we started with enFuego Media.

Samuel P

Owner, CoolSculpting Reality

These guys are the real deal! I have so many more calls coming in which means I’m in the money!

Jimmy K

Owner, Jimmy's Emergency Towing

Most of my new clients were coming to me from Groupon but never returning so I was losing money with Groupon instead of making a profit. I decided to use Jeremiah and his team to get to some actually rolling in… Now I have two more girls working with me because I have so many clients! Thanks!

Victoria Rin

Make-up Business, GlammyQueen

Groupon sounded good at first, but after a couple months we were headed toward bankruptcy. Jeremiah was very fast with making a plan and then putting it into action. Thanks to him and his team we said goodbye to groupon deals and hello to better customers.

Khristi L

Owner, RelaXpa

I don’t know anything about social media or websites but I can make some awesome designs in coffee. I didn’t know where to start to advertise online so I was using news paper ads and radio without much success. Jeremiah and his team pretty much did everything for me other than asking for my approval.  

Dimetri K

Owner, Lock & Key


Groupon advertises specifically to Travelers & Dedicated Bargain Shoppers



They aren’t local customers, therefore, your chances of getting them to come back paying full price is slim to none!


Big Bargain Hunters

These are the people who obsess over getting the cheapest price on anything, not caring about the quality of service they receive. 


Never To Return

Studies have shown that both customer types show less than a 1% chance of becoming a full paying customer in the future.



In order to  grow your business, you have to sell a majority of your services at full price… We can help make that a reality and actually deliver results..



Why Is This Free?

Ever heard the term “Pay-It-Forward”? I use to wear the same ‘Groupon Shoes’ you are wearing now, and as a fellow business owner, I understand what it’s like to be in the Groupon trap. I was fortunate enough to have a friend help me understand the metrics behind my campaign and see exactly how much money I was losing. I’m positive you worked hard to build your business and  get where you are, and if you aren’t careful, Groupon can bankrupt your business. That’s not good for the local economy and it definitely isn’t good for you in anyway. 


What Is ROI?

ROI is a business term that refers to ‘Return On Investment’. If you pay $1 and get $2 back… you have a 100% ROI because you made your money back and then made that same amount again. We are experts at tracking and actually getting a positive ROI for our customers and we’d love to help you devise a plan to do the same thing. 


Do You Have A Guarantee?

Absolutely! Your Groupon Audit will be 100% FREE, and we also guarantee our paid services. In short, If we don’t deliver as much or as good as we promise you, the following months are free until I do deliver. (i.e. lead generation of 30 a month, only deliver 20, the following month is free up until I deliver, We work on results so we are motivated to deliver more than we promise… not less.


How long before I see the Audit results?

We start work immediately after you click “Lets Get Started” button and get the results to you within 48 business hours from the time you submit the form questions. 


What Is The Catch?

Great question! Simply put… There ‘IS’ No Catch. When you click “Let’s Get Started’ on this page, you will be asked to answer a few quick questions. We, then, use that information to analyze your current campaign. We then determine what steps you need to take to get more repeat customers/clients while increasing your profits and overall ROI. You can then start implementing those steps as soon as you read them. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, or you would rather have an expert do it for you, we do offer that as a service, but it isn’t necessary. 


How Expensive Is It To Get Out Of Groupon Up Front?

Not expensive at all! We are on a mission to help small businesses thrive, so we are motivated to create a solution that best fits the budget you are already working with. Our goal is always going to be to lower your ad cost so that your profits increase instead of going down the drain.


Is it expensive to promote my business?

Not at all! We are on a mission to help small businesses thrive, so we are motivated to create a solution that best fits the budget you are already working with.


How much time does it take to see results from the action steps you provide after we get started?

You can see results within the first few days but it really depends on your business, offer and/or product as to how long this will take. Because every business is different, some services the results are faster than for others. Within the 1st month you should already see very important (good) changes for your business.


I don't have time for any of this.

This is the best part. All we need from you will be gathered when you click “Lets Get Started” anywhere on this page. We will do all the heavy lifting and just send you the audit results. We will send you actionable steps to take afterward that you can begin implementing as soon as you read them. If you need help or don’t have time to take action with these steps yourself, we are happy to 

We Are Excited & Ready To Jump Into Action Immeadiately!

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