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Lead Generation – Get Customers On Autopilot

Lead Generation is the most obvious best choice for customer acquisition in 2019 and it keeps getting better. Lead Geration is a form of marketing/advertising… in a way. Let me explain. 


We know that in order to get more paying customers, we have to do a lot of things like make sure everyone know’s we are open of course… Make sure everyone knows who we are… and Make sure we are reminding them of 1 & 2 at the exact moment that they are in the decision making mode… whenever the heck that is… we just hope they remember well…


how well that work for you exactly?

We have found the craziest little trick…

Look…We all know that people ‘do’ already have the need for your service…you wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t believe that… I think we can agree that the hard part is finding those people at the right time…. 

Today, in 2019, Google is King of the internet… more and more people turn to their phones and ask it where to go. It takes years of failure after failure to figure out how to actually get the best ROI and most people end up losing their own companies because they can’t handle both the ad management and running the business.

What if you could get more customers almost on demand and completely on auto-pilot? I’m for real, this isn’t a pie inthe sky offer, this is the real deal and the best offer to have the ability to determine much more accurate ROI based off your marketing budget. 

Simply put, Instead of Roofer Joe or Dentist Bob having to pay for AND MANAGE adspend on google, facebook and instagram… then they paid for flyers to send across town… then they also purchased a spot on the radio and they spend anywhere from$5k-$15k per month on advertizing and they really don’t know that all of their efforts are as effective as they could be. 


What if they didn’t have to do all that… what if they simply hired me to come in, ask a few questions and then I flip the switch onand you get customers who have been searching for a fix to their problem… your service solves their problem so they are happy to pay you for it and as soon as they can. 


We can achieve this and get you the number of customers you want 


We have a lot of experience with this and have created a detailed, turn-key method that delivers results for us every time. We don’t just give you customer information, but we engage the customers in a brief quiz or questionnaire to further qualify them as a better lead for you and your business. 

lead generation los lunas

How It Works:

We do all the hard work of finding the customers who currently want your product or service and we send them directly to you. we manage multiple sales streams

The customers then fill out a quiz to help us better understand their needs. This filters out and prescreen s the leads before they come your way…delivering a much higher quality lead/customer. .

After acquiring this info, we package it up neatly and send it your way. They will be expecting your call so they can give you business.

The best part is…there are no limits to how many leads we send you. We will ensure your leads keep coming in as long as you want us to.. 

All Our Leads Are 100%





EXCLUSIVE – When we send you a lead, we send them to no one else but you. This means you don’t have to compete with every other business for the same customer. You can trust that all of our leads are 100% exclusive to you and you alone.

PRE-SCREENED – We use specific targeting for leads on Facebook and Google. When someone goes through our quiz, we will have all the information to provide you that you need ‘BEFORE’ talking with the customer yourself. Our specific targeting allows us to target your perfect customer…. who happens to be looking for your product/service. 

HIGH QUALITY – We weed out most of the bogus customers and send you the ones who are already ready to buy.. Because we use multiple methods, you will be getting phone call leads as well. These leads usually don’t fill out the quiz because they are ready to buy and want to talk to someone. 

READY TO BUY -These leads aren’t just a bunch of random people walking down the street.. our advanced algorithms allow us to pin point your ideal audience, then show up on their feeds. We prep them and get them ready, then send them your way. 

  When your ideal customer opts to take our custom 3-5 question quiz, we also provide you the information they fill out – customer name, phone number, email & any additional info you need from them like possibly photos or documents etc. We send this info to you alone and won’t send anyone else the same lead.

In your free consultation, we will discuss your goals and how we can get the specific customers you need. Our unique cookie-cutter process can easily be applied to a number of different business platforms. We can even market to specific products or promotions and get in front of the local people you want seeing it…the ones who want your product and have already been thinking about it… they’re ready to buy, or at least schedule an appointment with you. This means money and if you have a high ticket offer product or service, we can help make that happen. Its like turning on the GO switch for customers. 

Customer Acquisition Los Lunas

Which Businesses Benefit Most From Lead Generation?

A number of businesses can profit greatly with Lead Generation in Los Lunas, however, as a general rule of thumb, any service based business will thrive using this method. For example, here are a few that we have found to benefit most with Lead Generation :

  • Lawyer
  • Family Doctor
  • Dental Care
  • Eye Doctor
  • Specialist
  • Financial 
  • Loans
  • Hair Salon
  • Bail Bonds
  • Daycare
  • Plumber
  • Roofer
  • Flooring
  • Electrician
  • Contractor
  • Painter
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Sales